Broken Ones

by Abigail Blesi, 17 A once priceless collection of glass figurines Riddled with cracks and broken faces. Many scorn the collector, believing him Foolish for keeping such worthless pieces. Yet he ignores their words, only to Tell them that they cannot see how Much like the figurines that they are. […]


By Makenna Cavanagh, 15 I was lost, confused, small in a big world, Then he found me. He taught me how to love, How to be loved. He taught me how to shape, Without being shaped. He taught me how to lead, As a follower. Then he set me free. […]

My Mother

By Hans Huizenga, 9 My mother cooks our food She gets our feet shoed My mother teaches us school (I think the science stuff is kind of cool!) My mother makes us go outside (I like that part, at least the slide!) My mother buys us good books At church […]

Governor’s School

By Rachel Rackov, Junior, Dickinson Trinity High School It’s is finally summer! What to do next…how about go back to school for six more weeks. Not just any school though, a “program for scholastically motivated North Dakota high school sophomores and juniors.” This wasn’t every child’s dream this summer. It was […]

Rome: The Trip of a Lifetime

by Teagan Kadrmas, Senior, Dickinson Trinity High School “Don’t look up until you see the keys.” I distinctly remember our group leader, Mr. McMahon, repeating this to us several times before we entered Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome. He loved to see the pilgrim’s reactions to their first time seeing […]

How I Remember Things

by Victoria Richter, 10 Have  you  heard  the  tale About a  whale? Or  the  one  about  a  bug Who  got  trapped  in  a  rug? Or  about  milk That  a  fairy  turned  into  silk? I  can’t  think  of  other  rhymes That  would  be  good  this  time! Maybe  I’ll  remember  soon, The […]