by Pam Vukelic Whether you like them gooey or cakey, nutty or plain, frosted or dusted with powdered sugar, it is hard to resist a rich chocolate brownie. No doubt you have your favorite recipe, maybe the one you got from your mom or grandma, and you’ve been using it […]

Northern Plains Dance

by Deb Seminary Northern Plains Dance has come full circle. Formed as a dance school in 1998, Northern Plains Dance took a leap in 2001 and became a professional company. “In the summer of 2007, the board decided to turn the focus back to the school,” said Hollis Mackintosh, Director. […]

Roxane Romanick

by Beth Nodland Roxane Romanick brings a heart full of hope and head full of information to families facing the diagnosis of a child with a disability. In situations where the diagnosis is Down syndrome, she arrives with a warm smile and personal experience—her daughter Elizabeth has DS—her arms loaded […]

Worm Power

by Maxine Herr Andrea Polk is talking trash these days. But it’s actually doing some good. Egg shells, shredded paper and table scraps are delicacies to her new roommates. Polk has a worm farm adjacent to her kitchen, and the little red wigglers have been an exciting addition to her […]