Have you ever had an idea that completely took over your thoughts, consumed your life, and came up in every conversation you have? Me too. My life-consuming idea actually has several parts, but this beautiful newly designed website you’re visiting is part one. This website has taken over my brain […]

Climb Out of the Darkness

Raising Awareness about Postpartum Depression by Jody Kerzman Becoming a mom is a life-changing experience. Many moms define it as the happiest day of their lives. But for other moms, it can be anything but happy. Sara Kenney is a licensed psychologist with CHI St. Alexius Health. Dr. Kenney says […]

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Bismarck Alley Art

Downtown Bismarck is hopping. Whether it’s shopping, eating, or just hanging out with friends, there is always something happening downtown. And more is coming. The Dakota West Arts Council has teamed up with the 2016 Leadership Bismarck Mandan Project team to create an outdoor gallery of art. The exterior walls […]

 The Well Armed Woman

  By Marci Narum Josette Severson considers herself a ‘girly girl.’ Like many women, she enjoys slipping into high heels and a dress to look professional. She speaks with a sweet confidence. But fair warning: Severson knows how to handle herself. And her firearms. “I have felt threatened. A few […]

Living Treasures

Betty Maher If you read the last issue of Inspired Woman, you might remember we introduced this new article. Living Treasures puts the spotlight on the women in our community enjoying their golden years, and inspiring all of us through their examples of healthy living, words of wit and wisdom, […]