About Inspired Woman Magazine

Inspired Woman magazine is a monthly magazine printed at The Printers in Bismarck, North Dakota.

 Our Mission

The mission of Inspired Woman magazine is to celebrate, encourage, empower, educate, and entertain women.

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Our Team

When Jody Kerzman and Marci Narum first met in 1997, they were friends immediately; Marci invited Jody to her wedding after knowing her for approximately four minutes! Throughout career changes, they remained friends, and when the opportunity to work together again as co-editors of Inspired Woman magazine fell into their laps, they jumped at the opportunity and haven’t looked back yet. While Jody and Marci are talented storytellers, they knew they needed help with design work and photography. Lucky for them, they found Tiahna Kirsch and Jacy Vogelwede. Click here to read more about the “dream team” of Jody, Marci, Tiah, and Jacy.

Advisory Board

We are blessed with an amazing group of women who selflessly agreed to be a part of our Advisory Board. We rely on their opinions, expertise, and friendship. Click here to meet these wonderful women