We’ve all had them. Thank you to our readers for sharing their Proud Mom Moments!

I dropped my kids off at daycare one day it was closed. And because I teach my children honesty, I must admit: twice. I’ve done this twice. To be clear, I found other arrangements. I did not abandon them on the sidewalk.

Katie Ryan-Anderson

I dropped my son off at preschool in full pajama mode, because we thought it was pajama day. It wasn’t. He still brings it up.

Wendy Anderson-Berg

On our first day at Disney, my husband decides to let our daughter Veda, who had just turned four, go down the water slide by herself! A lady ended up carrying her down the stairs and was looking for us because Veda had fallen and hit her head on the cement steps! All of our Disney pictures now have Veda with a giant goose egg on her face!

Heather Hintz

My mother had to put our family cat down. I guess my son overheard us talking about it, but we never went into detail. My son was a kindergartner at the time, and I got a call from the teacher half way through the day. The teacher said my son had decided to tell everyone,  “Grandma held the cat down until it died.” I had to explain that ‘holding down’ probably meant that he heard us talk about putting it down. I was half expecting a call from PETA after that.

Arin Casavant

When my daughter was around four, she had a bit of a cough and was complaining about feeling sick. I didn’t think it seemed too bad, so I ignored it and gave her some cough medicine. After three weeks of symptoms and constant whining, I decided to take her to the doctor, convinced I’d walk out of there feeling like a sucker. Nope. Not the case. Double ear infection and pneumonia. Mom fail. She’s 16 now, a tough hockey girl, and I still get burned because I don’t always believe her.

RaNae Jochim