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Give us a little history of your organization.
The North Dakota Recreation and Park Association (NDRPA) advances parks, recreation, and conservation for an enhanced quality of life in North Dakota. The association was founded in 1969 by park district leaders from across the state. While most of NDRPA’s members are park board commissioners and staff from local park districts, membership has expanded through the years to include state and county park systems, as well as educational institutions and other agencies committed to supporting its mission.

NDRPA serves its members by providing training, information, and networking, such as annual conferences, regular workshops, publications, and technical assistance. The association also promotes the benefits of parks and recreation and the importance of conservation, health and wellness, and access, while supporting public policies that advance its mission.

How are you different from other organizations like yours?
North Dakota’s public parks, trails, and recreation programs are essential community services, encouraging healthy, active lifestyles for our citizens; playing a significant role in advancing travel and tourism; and supporting economic growth through increased property values and lower health costs.

NDRPA is a strong advocate for public investment in parks and recreation, which is necessary to achieve positive economic, health, environmental, and social/community benefits for all North Dakotans. NDRPA is also committed to advancing professionals within the field through professional development, scholarships, and recognition.

How can people contact you?
The best way to learn more about NDRPA is to visit the website at To contact the NDRPA office, call 701-355-4458 or email

How can people donate or get involved?
Anyone committed to advancing NDRPA’s mission is invited to become a member. If you’d like to get involved in parks and recreation where you live, simply check in with your local park district. Go visit a nearby park. Take a walk on a trail. Take a class or learn to golf. Take advantage of all the things your local park district provides in your community.

What are your needs right now if someone would like to help?
NDRPA’s member park districts and state parks are always looking for volunteers to help with events and programs. Feel free to reach out to NDRPA to find out how to connect to public parks and recreation opportunities in your local community.