By Michelle Farnsworth

I admit it. I’m late to a consistent and effective skincare routine. As a child I had great skin and would constantly be outside, playing in the North Dakota sunshine. No sunscreen applied. I just didn’t do it. I’m sure many of you growing up in the 1970s and 80s are guilty of the same ambivalence toward skin protection.

Now in my late 40s, I decided I had better make up for lost time. In addition to my regular skincare routine with Younique Royalty Skincare Products, (Shameless plug; I sell Younique and it’s awesome!) I have started to seek out additional treatments from professionals.

One of those professionals is Michelle Maier, nurse practitioner, and owner of Embrace Wellness Skin and Anti-Aging in Bismarck.

If you’ve ever watched any of the “Real Housewives” franchises, (My faves are OC, Beverly Hills, and NYC), you’ve seen the ultimate in skincare pampering and anti-aging treatments.

But let’s get real—REAL REAL. Who can afford all of those high-priced treatments?

Michelle is the woman for the job; she has invested in machinery that is exclusive to the area and she is trained in many new procedures that won’t break the bank.

I recently had an oxygen facial from Michelle, and let me tell you, this is something you’re going to want for yourself.

Your face is treated to several steps from steaming, exfoliating, and—my favorite part—pumping oxygen into the skin! The little magic wand pumps oxygen and vitamin supplements or oils directly into your skin.

There is no pain or bright red skin afterward, just the feeling and look that you now have lost 10 years off your face. The finishing touch: relaxing time while you breathe in some pure oxygen.

But Michelle reminds her patients that it’s not something that works overnight and to stick to a good regimen in addition to treatments.

“The importance of a good skincare routine and sunscreen of SPF greater than 30, avoiding prime sun hours, healthy diet, and hydration are key to healthy skin,” says Michelle.

And then she looked at me and asked,”Do you wear sunscreen all of the time?”

Gulp. Guilty. I’m doing much better, but those old habits of wanting to be tan are hard to break. I keep reminding myself I don’t want to look like an old suitcase when I’m 60 years old.

Next up was an ozone sauna treatment. I could spy the space-age looking pod sitting in the corner, ready for me to hop in and sweat it out and take in some ozone.

One of the endearing bonuses of a treatment by Michelle is her obvious love of all the science behind these treatments and her personal knowledge.

As I sat inside the pod, towel wrapped firmly around my neck so as not to breathe in the ozone, Michelle gave me a steady stream of information. I concentrated on the steady stream of sweat pouring out of my body. It felt good. But I wanted to know the specific benefits.

“There are so many benefits to ozone therapy. It detoxifies every cell in the body,  oxidizes poisons in the body, and breaks down cellulite.”

“Wait, cellulite?” I yelled out over the gentle hum of the ozone machine.

Those were good enough benefits for me, but there are at least a hundred different benefits of ozone therapy and Michelle can also provide you that list.

Hopefully with a little due diligence and care from professionals, I can turn back the hands of time. Before you try any of these treatments, consult your physician for any limitations.

My next treatment: the vampire facial. Stay tuned.  

Michelle Maier offers a variety of treatments and procedures. Email her at to learn more.


Michelle Farnsworth is a local writer and owner of her own Younique Makeup and Skincare business. Two humans, one fur baby, and her husband, Richard, occupy her free time.