Although her college degree is in business management, Lorena Poppe has found her passion helping kids and young adults who are are diagnosed with autism and developmental disabilities. Lorena opened Poppy’s Promise in September, a business that meets them and their families where they are on life’s journey. The goal is to develop person-centered services that result in truly meaningful outcomes.  

Poppy’s Promise provides services—including respite care, in-home support, and applied behavior analysis—to kids and young adults who have autism and other developmental disabilities. And so far, Poppy’s Promise is off to a very good start.

“Though we have just gotten started, we are already providing services to several kids and families. We want to help everyone we can, so we are looking to hire more behavior therapists and direct support professionals so we can help more kids and young adults.”

As for the name, Poppy’s Promise, Lorena says it holds special meaning.

“My last name is Poppe, and while it’s spelled different, I’ve always loved the flowers. When I first started thinking about opening this business, I started researching poppies, thinking maybe I’d be inspired for a name. I found out that blue poppies symbolize imagination and success. Blue is also the autism awareness color, and the word ‘promise’ symbolizes our dedication to help everyone have a brighter future.”

Learn more about Poppy’s Promise by calling 701-204-7870. They’re also on Facebook.