A Bismarck State College professor’s work has been published by Boston College. The scholarly journal, “Religion and the Arts” selected an article entitled “Theological Voices in Wendell Berry’s Fiction,” by Jane M. Schreck, professor of English at BSC. The article examines the theological thinking Berry articulates in his essays and aligns his ideas with those expressed by characters in his short stories and novels. This is the third scholarly article about Wendell Berry that Jane has had published. Jane says she thinks writing the articles has made her a better composition teacher.

“This kind of writing, researching, and submitting for publication has changed how I teach. I’m a little more precise in the things I do. I have immediate experience in this and I hope it’s good for my students,” says Jane. “BSC is a teaching institution. Typically we put our professional emphasis on the students and on good teaching. There is no expectation that I do research or try to be published. I choose to pursue publication because I think the world would be a better place if people knew more about Wendell Berry. The additional benefit is that it has improved my teaching.”

Berry is an American novelist, poet, environmental activist, cultural critic, and farmer. Jane holds a doctor of philosophy degree in teaching and learning in higher education from the University of North Dakota, and this article continues and expands the research she did for her dissertation.