img_7382When it comes to eating healthy, it’s important to have a plan. But sometimes it’s difficult to find time to meal plan. That’s where Annie Beckler, Loni Harper, and their new business, GR8 Plates, come in. GR8 Plates provides healthy, home-cooked meals for busy people.

“We offer eight shake flavors and each meal replacement shake has 11 grams of protein and about 150 calories. We also offer eight plates, including dishes like salmon, shrimp stir fry, stuffed peppers with ground turkey, and even chicken alfredo. All of our meals are under 500 calories. Chicken alfredo has been our most popular meal so far. I think it’s because when you’re watching what you eat you tend to avoid pasta,” says Annie. “But we use a chickpea pasta so it’s a little healthier. It’s also gluten free and high in protein.”

Meals can be picked up at the store, but delivery is also available. GR8 Plates is open Monday through Friday, but Loni and Annie spend seven days a week at the store. Saturdays and Sundays are spent preparing food for the following week.

“We have people order a whole week’s worth of meals. If you place an order Monday through Friday, it will be ready to pick up the following Monday. We also have a microwave here so people can stop in and order a meal and eat it right away. It’s so much healthier than traditional fast food, and price-wise, our meals are about the same price as a value meal.”

GR8 Plates is located in the food court of the Gateway Mall. Follow them on Facebook; just search GR8 Plates Bismarck or visit their website