women-entrepreneursby Karen Wolff  |  Submitted Photos

Women who own a business in the Bismarck-Mandan and surrounding community are finding another way to connect with each other and get professional advice from experienced professionals. Karen Wolff shares details about Women Entrepreneurs.  

Give us a little history of Women Entrepreneurs.
The group was started in 2013 by Mary Jo Van Horn and me. Mary Jo was one of my coaching clients, and we decided there was a real need to start a group for like-minded women entrepreneurs who needed encouragement, support, referrals, and resources. From that group of Mary Jo and me, we are now 260-plus. It has grown by word of mouth only. We never saw the need to advertise because it just grew so well on its own. In 2015, Mary Jo decided she didn’t want to be involved in the administration anymore, so now I am solely responsible for the group.

What services or benefits do you offer?
One of the biggest benefits is access to our Facebook page. The group is free to join as long as you are a women-owned business in the Bismarck area. Search Women Entrepreneurs Bismarck on Facebook.

We also offer meetings, both in person and virtual. They can be on topics like finding and using business apps to make your life easier, how to use blogging to build your business, how to build a social media strategy, and we3upcoming is how to create an online course or eBook.

Every Friday our members are able to promote their business on the Facebook page in any way they like. We are happy to celebrate successes and there are always numerous connections between our members as they use each other’s services.

Every Wednesday our members are able to ask questions, get input or advice, or share resources. This gives our ladies the chance to hear outside opinions from other ladies who have “been there.”

We also have socials for our members. They are usually hosted by one of our members, and give our ladies the chance to network and create relationships.

How are you different from other organizations like yours?
Our group is very casual.  Although we have a few rules to make the group work effectively, I try to keep it as open as I can. It gives our ladies the chance to really connect with other women-owned businesses without barriers.

How can people participate in your organization?we2
We are always looking for great business topics, presenters, and any other programs that benefit our ladies. You can contact me at coachkaren@midco.net. You can submit a request to join our group on our Facebook page.

Later this year we will be having a virtual event on how to create your own online course or eBook, a Christmas social, and numerous opportunities for ladies to create relationships that help build their businesses.