By Jody Kerzman

Janie Brown

Janie Brown

Janie Brown has faced multiple medical challenges—from endometriosis to infertility, then a hysterectomy in her mid-30s, and finally breast cancer and a double mastectomy. She thought she’d had her fill of medical issues. She was wrong.

“During one of my surgeries the surgeon nicked my bladder, which led to another surgery and incontinence issues,” says Janie. “And because of breast cancer and a hysterectomy, I was seriously lacking estrogen, which led to vaginal dryness. I was really praying for some answers.”

Her prayers led her to a treatment called Thermiva, and to a visit with her Nurse Practitioner, Rhonda Jolliffe at Lifeways Clinic.

“Thermiva is an application that uses radio frequency energy to gently heat tissue, designed for the vaginal anatomy. This stimulates the body’s own collagen and rebuilds tissue that was lost. The rebuilding of collagen provides moisture, which is lost during menopause or other health conditions. Basically it makes it young again,” explains Rhonda.

Janie decided to give Thermiva a try.

“The treatment was not painful. The dryness was much more painful than the 40-minute treatments,” says Janie.

Rhonda Jolliffe

Rhonda Jolliffe

Rhonda recommends women receive three, 40-minute Thermiva treatments, one month apart.

“The collagen builds in between treatments. Women who are extremely low in estrogen may need more. As high as 88-90% of women are satisfied with the results they get after three treatments.”

Rhonda says vaginal dryness is one of the most common side effects of menopause. She says there are many treatments available, including hormone creams, but those aren’t an option for some women, like Janie, who have had breast cancer.

“In the case of a woman who has had breast cancer they can’t use estrogen so these women really suffer. Intercourse is very painful when you have vaginal dryness, and can affect intimacy and  relationships,” Rhonda explains. “Thermiva is a great non-invasive, non-hormone tool that can help women feel better, and younger.”

It was exactly what Kami (who asked her last name be withheld) was searching for.

“I felt like I was dry all the time. I was having pre-menopause symptoms but when I went to the doctor, they suggested I take hormones. I didn’t want to do that. I wanted a more natural solution,” Kami explains. “I did my research on Thermiva and decided to try it. I noticed a difference after my first treatment. It didn’t hurt at all and I was able to resume my normal activities, even sexual intercourse, immediately.”

Kami received her three Thermiva treatments from Shelly Botsford, Nurse Practitioner at Pure Skin Aesthetic and Laser Center. Shelly says Thermiva is a painless way to give women back their quality of life.

“It’s something that women are uncomfortable talking about, but I tell women if you have a vagina, you probably have a problem, or will have a problem one day,” says Shelly. “Thermiva uses the same radio frequency technology that is used to tighten the skin on your face. It just makes sense that it can tighten the vagina as well.”

Shelly says Thermiva is a good option for women of all ages.

Shelly Botsford

Shelly Botsford

“After giving birth, many women have stress urinary incontinence—a cough or a sneeze causes leaking or urinary urgency—when you have to go, you have to go! Thermiva can fix those issues,” says Shelly. “It can also help women who suffer from vaginal dryness in menopause. We do customized treatments for each patient, because what’s right for one woman may not be the best option for the next woman. But the results from Thermiva treatments are overwhelmingly positive. Most women see improvement after the first treatment, and after two treatments are well on their way to wellness. It is important to have all three treatments because each treatment builds on itself.”

Kami couldn’t agree more.

“I’ve been happily married for 20 years, and Thermiva helped me reclaim my life.”  

To learn more about Thermiva and how it could help you, visit or call Rhonda or Shelly at their clinics.