By Marci Narumhannan-brannan-nice-and-fat-authorsWriting and telling stories comes easy for Monica Hannan. She’s been a trusted news professional for decades, as the veteran co-anchor of NBC North Dakota News on KFYR-TV, and as co-host of the ND Today Show.

Publishing her own story was a little different. But it’s already been on Amazon’s best-seller list, reaching number one within the first two days of its release.

Monica teamed up with local fitness and health expert, Renita Brannan to co-author “Nice and F.A.T.,” published last December. In the book, Monica shares her decision to lose weight and get back into shape. Renita reveals how she helped Monica succeed.

“Renita has all this health and fitness knowledge and was really helpful to me,” Monica explains. “I wanted to help her in return and also share the information with others. Her plan of attack is different from what most people do when they’re starting a diet and exercise plan.”

“It’s about blood-sugar stabilization,” Renita explains. “Eat protein, fats, and carbs every three hours. So then your blood sugar stays stable, and you don’t have these highs and lows that cause you to store fat and burn muscle.”

“I think people can relate to the story,” Monica adds. “We have so much food available but we don’t take time to cook. We make it harder than it is.”

Find “Nice and F.A.T.” at Barnes and Noble, the Rainbow Shop in Bismarck, and on Amazon.