Stacy Lee

Stay-at-home mom of four Stacy Lee never dreamed she’d be running a successful business from her garage. But a quick glance around her Bismarck garage proves it is very much the heart of her business, The Little Things.

“I have always loved crafty stuff,” says Stacy. “I started with furniture, but I really wanted to do signs. I’d see these cool wood signs in stores and I just knew I could make them.”

In 2013, she invested in a machine to cut stencils. She used it once in the first year. Finally, she learned how to use the machine, and started making wood signs. At first they were just gifts for family and friends.

“They kept telling me I should sell them but I didn’t think anyone would buy them,” she remembers. “They really encouraged me to try, so I did, and they were right! I set up a Facebook page and got an order, then another, and the orders just kept coming.”

Now, two years into her business, Stacy has started offering in-home painting parties.

“It’s perfect for people who want to craft, but maybe don’t have the supplies, or don’t know where to start. I bring everything and guests go home with a wood sign ready to hang.”

Stacy plans to start offering kids’ parties soon. Her signs are available by custom order on her Facebook page, You can also contact her about parties there.