Super Hero parking2If someone tells you the cops are always at Classic Rock Coffee Company in Mandan, don’t be alarmed. It’s true, but only because owner, Kim Ressler considers them among the community’s Super Heroes. Kim has reserved a special parking spot for them, marked “Super Hero Parking Only.” The front-door parking is also for firefighters, EMS and EMT workers, veterans, or any man or woman serving in the military.

Super Hero parking“Without these people we wouldn’t feel as safe as we do. Think about what they do to protect us. It’s in the front of my mind all the time. “

Kim is a nurse, and knows first-hand the danger these professionals face every day. This is her way to remind
them they are appreciated.

“A ‘thank you’ is such a valuable thing. It doesn’t have to be anything really big. Just sitting and listening to someone matters.”

Whether or not the Super Hero Parking spot is taken, Kim does see many people in uniform visit her coffee shop. And the idea has been a hit social media. A California woman with ties to the Grand Forks Air Force Base sent Kim five dollars and a note: “Buy a superhero a cup of Joe on me.”.