choosea jobyou loveBy  Marci Narum

“Choose a job you love, and you never have to work a day in your life.”

That quote has never been more fitting for my life than it is now.

Jody Kerzman and I first worked together at KFYR TV in the mid-90s, and became friends immediately. Our careers have gone in different directions since we both left there, but we have always remained friends. Early last fall, we got the opportunity to work together again. Jody and Deb Seminary were co-editors of Inspired Woman magazine, but Deb was stepping down to take another job, so Jody asked me to be her co-editor.

At the time, I was deeply invested with my speaking and coaching business, and it was full-time work in itself. But I couldn’t turn down this opportunity to work with someone I enjoyed so much, and so like-minded. So I said yes—and we were back together, having fun brain-storming stories and putting together the issues for December-January and February-March.

And then is was over.

In February, we were told the magazine wouldn’t continue after that last issue. Our work was done. We felt crushed.

When Jody said, “We should just find a way to do something on our own,” I didn’t take it to heart. Until the next day. That’s when we sat down and began making plans to continue publishing a magazine for women. A few weeks later, we were talking about how it might be possible to take over Inspired Woman magazine.

And here we are. Talk about a blessing in disguise.

Don’t get me wrong. This is hard work. I have described it at times, as pushing a car that has run out of gas… uphill.

Other times, I compare it to a jet that has landed and is sitting on the tarmac. Jody and I are the co-pilots. We have some passengers on the plane now—our advisory board members, photographer, and designer. Take-off requires re-fueling the jet. As we get closer to our flight time, July 1, 2016, we are beyond excited to make Inspired Woman really fly…higher and farther than ever.

It is hard work—exhausting at times. But even more so, it’s energizing and rewarding in ways I find difficult to put into words. I get goosebumps multiple times a day, hearing people share their stories, and I find myself feeling anxiety—because I simply can’t wait to share all these wonderfully inspiring and impactful stories with you.

This magazine has a beautiful purpose and I’m confident that Jody would agree—I’m extremely grateful that I get to call this my “work.” It’s a job I love.