If you ask Olivia Richter to list the groups she’s been involved with during her high school career, you better not be in a hurry. Olivia’s list is long; here are a few highlights:

-Saints for Life
– Assistant Chaplains
– Ambassadors
– Future Business Leaders of America
– Reader for mass
– CCD teacher
– Cheerleader


In addition, she managed to take more than a full load of courses during high school. She will start college in the fall with 30 college credits already complete.

In July, Olivia will add mission trip to the list, when she and 13 other students head to Lima, Peru. The ten-day mission trip is something she’s been dreaming of for a long time.

“I went on a pilgrimage to Rome last year, and that was awesome, but I’m really, really looking forward to Peru,” says Olivia. “Rome was about you, helping you grow as a person. This trip to Peru is going to be about others, and about helping others. I am excited to give back. I’m in a situation where I can give back. I have a good life. I am happy to be able help and to bring joy to others.”

The group will have a little sightseeing time, but the majority of their time in Peru will be spent working. They’ll build houses, basketball courts, and play with the children.

“I think it will change me. I think it will change me, you know, force me to be more appreciative of what I have and not to dwell on the negative,” she says.

As for that list, Olivia says it may never be complete. She’s already looking forward to all the new experiences and opportunities that college will bring.