Three new businesses that women (and men) will love – all in the same corner of Broadway Centre. Inspired Woman wanted to know all about them.



The Studios at CC’s

CC’s Physical Therapy and Feminine Fitness is currently located a couple blocks east on Broadway, but they are busting at the seams. “We are out of room at our current space, so this will be a very timely move,” said owner April Mettler. “We will still do physical therapy, but are diving more into health and wellness. We want to offer fitness classes in a more intimate setting and are going back to functional movement based activities. You’ll never see dumbbells or bars, it is just using your body to get a good strengthening, cardio or stretch workout.”

The Studios at CC’s is introducing several new classes to the area, including Barre BlissTM. “It defines your body in such a different way,” explained Mettler. It gives you that long, lean muscle strengthening and stretching, and gets your heart rate up at the same time. It is a great, challenging workout for those who are 25, 70 or eight months pregnant.”

Another new class will be BUTI YogaTM, which has been growing in popularity around the country. “From a group fitness standpoint, I think it is the most physically challenging thing I have ever done in my life,” said Mettler. “It is yoga poses laced with plyometrics to increase your heart rate. You will be dripping sweat during this yoga class. It also has a touch of sensual and tribal dance in it, so there is some arm waving and shaking it all out, all without leaving your yoga mat!

The Studios at CC’s will also offer hot yoga and several high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes will be on the schedule. Most of the classes will not be limited to women, however there will be certain things, such as pole classes and BUTI YogaTM that will be female-exclusive. On Saturday they will be running longer classes, kind of “make-up” times for people who may have missed a class or two during the week. More exclusive classes will be added in the future.

“I want people to feel they can get it all at our gym, we are going to make sure you get all of the fundamentals you need to have a healthy body,” said Mettler. “Enough strengthening to help with your bones, and increase strength and muscle definition. Enough stretch to maintain or improve joint mobility and at the same time get enough cardio to keep your heart healthy. All in under 60 minutes during the week.

The target opening date is end of September. For more information, call 701.751.0994

_DSC0017 copyPure Skin Aesthetic & Laser Center

Pure Skin recently relocated to the Broadway Centre from North Bismarck. Owner Shelly Botsford, NP, is very excited about the close proximity to two other women-owned businesses. “We were so excited when we found out we were all going into this space,” she said. “We can do so many fun events for women and really compliment each others services.”

She is also excited about the newest addition to her list of services – Vanquish, a fat reduction treatment. “Vanquish, I believe, is the latest and most exciting thing for women because it is non-invasive, non-contact and FDA approved,” said Botsford. “And, since it is heat, we are not only melting that fat, we are tightening the skin. Just as I do with the lasers, it is heat-based and permanent.”

Prospective Vanquish clients go through a consultation with Stacy, the RN at Pure Skin. She does a complete medical history, explains it is not a weight loss program and sets real expectations. They have to be ready to maintain their healthy lifestyle or make modifications. “Yes, the procedure gets rid of the fat permanently, but it will return in other areas if there is weight gain,” said Botsford. “Stacy will also work with them on weekly goals, if desired.

Vanquish treats problematic areas like the abdomen, or smaller areas such as hips, thighs or arms. There are different size applicators used depending on the size of the area being treated.  Each area requires four treatments which are forty-five minute sessions done one week apart.

The best results will be seen four to six weeks after the last treatment.

“I did a lot of research and this method has almost no side effects,” Botsford explained. “The fat cells may clump, which cause lumps, and gentle massage clears those up. And there are really no contraindications other than if someone has metal in their body or a defibrillator.

Pure Skin has always seen men, mainly for hair removal and lately has been seeing more for Botox. And now, they are treating men with Vanquish.

Previously Botsford worked in women’s health and the biggest complaints were: ‘I’m overweight, I’m tired all the time and I don’t like my wrinkles’. “So, I tackled all of those problems,” she said. “Most women just don’t like how they look as they age. There does have to be some self-acceptance and realistic expectations, but I can help with some of it.”

For facial lines and wrinkles Botsford made a significant investment in the top of the line CO2 laser. She revitalizes and resurfaces the face – taking out fine lines and wrinkles, deep wrinkles and pigment irregularities. The laser tones the skin and tackle years of damage. “This keeps a lot of women from having to go in for face lifts,” she said. “I also do the injectables and I prefer Dysport.”

She also offers pulse light therapy and a non-fractionated laser. She can treat flushing, rosacea, stretch marks, scars and hair reduction.

After 35-40 years of age Botsford recommends going multi-modality, with the laser and injectables because of volume loss, resurfacing issues and deeper wrinkles. She offers free consults, finds out what is bothering a prospective client the most and recommends from there.

Sometimes women come in and say they feel guilty spending the money on these procedures. “I think we need to move out of that mindset,” said Botsford. “If we like the way we look, we’re going to feel better. And, you don’t have to do a lot to make a big difference. Audrey Hepburn said, ‘Happy girls are the prettiest.’ I think that is so true.”

Visit them at or phone 701.751.4140

_DSC0010 copyBroadway Centre Spa & Salon

A Spa and Salon experience like no other. That is the concept behind the opening of this very special business in Broadway Centre. They have hired some of the most experienced personnel from around the area to provide exceptional services – from nails to hair, massages, body wraps, facials, even top notch grooming for men, including the art of shaving. “We want the experiences to speak for themselves so people will tell others about their visit to our spa and salon,” said Tom Wold. “We want them to have the best experience they can have.”

The staff includes: Gina Norton, who specializes in facials and skin care; Bertie Knell, pedicure expert; Hannah Jirges, hair cutting; Ginger Keller, men’s cuts and shaves; Andrea Weller, massage; Jenna Rippinger, make-up, waxing and lash extension; Jess Schaff, all nail services; Miranda Kuntz, Hair Extensions; Lil Steiner, hair replacement for men and women.

Their training and experience speak volumes and allow for a one of a kind spa experience. “We want people that are dedicated to the industry,” said Wold. “People who keep up on the newest technology and what is happening in their area of expertise. There is a difference in the way they perform their services.”

Broadway Centre Spa & Salon also plans to be open early (6:30 am shave anyone?) and stay open late to accommodate professionals. They may even be open Sundays in the fall and winter.

While they are still tweaking the decor and getting everything up and running, they are open for business and taking appointments.To schedule at the newest full service Spa and Salon in town, call 701.425.0990.