Most women and men find that bulges of fat show up, almost overnight, when they reach a certain age. Abdominal fat, love handles, back fat, jiggly arms, inner and outer thighs, it just happens. People are getting rid of it and finding wonderful results with CoolSculpting.

Both men and women are enjoying the benefits of CoolSculpting, a non surgical procedure so quick and easy to perform, a person can return to work after the one – two hour procedure.

According to the CoolSculpting website, when the controlled cooling targets the fat cells under the skin, they crystalize (freeze), then die. Over time, the body naturally eliminates them.


Advanced Surgical Arts Center (ASAC) is offering CoolSculpting in Bismarck. Three employees traveled to CoolSculpting University for training. A representative from the company also travels to the facility throughout the year for additional training.

During the initial consultation at ASAC, BMI and the areas to be targeted are determined. The best candidates are people who are close to their goal weight and are generally happy with their body. They may just have a few stubborn areas they want fixed.

Crystal, with ASAC, does the initial consultation and wellness coaching. The procedure isn’t for everyone, and they may turn some people down if they are not good candidates. Sometimes a person may need to get healthier before they consider the procedure.

During the procedure the device pulls the fat bulge up between two cooling panels. There may be slight discomfort at the beginning, but after the initial pull, it feels more like a spa treatment. Most people nap during the procedure. Although it only takes an hour to two for each procedure, some people make a day of it and do more than one body part.

People will see results after just 20-30 days, but it does take two treatments per area. People are asked to return for the second treatment about 60 days after the first. The best results are seen about 90 days after the first treatment.

Side effects may include redness, slight soreness or bruising, numbing, tingling or swelling, but there is no down time, and patients can return to work immediately after the procedure. When compared to liposuction, which can be painful, involves down time, garments and more money, CoolSculpting’s benefits win most people over immediately.

Fat cells won’t return if the patient maintains their weight, which is why the wellness consultation is so important. CoolSculpting is not a weight loss program, but can be very beneficial for the overall mental health of someone who just needs to get rid of a few stubborn bulges.

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