10007501_1409726925967027_4074091528056522810_nAgata Zidon has been answering a lot of questions about her new venture, Salt Cave Wellness Relaxation Center. She opened the business, along with her husband, Pat, because she wanted a spa that was unique. “I actually used salt caves when I lived in Poland, where I’m from, so that is how I decided to do this,” she said. “The main purpose of the salt cave is relaxation, but there are also health benefits. People who suffer from respiratory issues like allergies, asthma and sinus problems almost always feel better after being in the salt cave. Those with psoriasis and excema have also seen improvements. The salt cave has anti-inflammatory properties and is good for hangovers.”

The actual salt cave at Zidon’s spa is a room about 300 square feet covered with about 6 tons of Himalayan Salt, on the floors and walls. Clients receive passive therapy by reclining in zero gravity chairs, listening to music and breathing in the air that is filled with particles of salt. The salt cave is a microclimate – the temperature is 70 to 72 degrees and the floor is heated.

All sessions are 45 minutes. There may be others in the salt cave, (up to ten people) but there is a strict no talking and no electronics rule. The salt cave session’s purpose is relaxation and they do not want people to be disturbed, so once the session starts no additional clients are let in. If someone feels the need to leave the cave before the session ends, they certainly can.

Agata explained how the healing properties of salt were discovered: “In Poland, there are a lot of salt mines. In the 19th century, they realized the miners in the salt mines were not suffering respiratory issues, like their coal mining counterparts. After some research, they realized it was the salt itself that was helping them. In the Wieliczka Salt Mine they opened a respiratory clinic and later a hotel so others can experience the benefits of the salt. After more research, they found they could artificially create the underground micro-climate above ground with salt caves.”

Himalayan Salt is a superior salt which includes 84 different minerals, including iron and copper which gives it the pink color. Most of these minerals are essential for a person’s well being. The salt is deep mined, by hand, delivered to the surface by mules, in the Himalayan mountains, where it has been for millions of years, keeping it free from impurities and pollutants.

Popular overseas, salt caves are just beginning to gain awareness in America. “I believe this is the 18th salt cave in the United States,” said Agata. “The closest one is in Minneapolis.”

There is really no reason not to try the relaxation therapy of the salt cave. Claustrophobia may be an issue, but Agata said they have only had one client that has had to leave. Others with claustrophobia have not had problems. “We have had clients tell us they have never felt so relaxed before,” she said. “Most people are surprised by how well they can relax.”

Salt Cave Wellness Relaxation Center has Himalayan Salt products for sale, also. Lamps, which produce negative ions that can alleviate indoor pollutants and purify the air, are a popular item. They also features Edible Salt, Salt Cooking Tiles, salt inhalers, salt scrub, bath salts and more. The spa has a sauna and will have massage services soon.

The salt cave sessions are $25 each, or packages can be purchased. There are also private sessions, for up to 10 people, for $200. Gift certificates are available.

Salt Cave Wellness Relaxation Center is located at 1001 West Interstate Avenue, Suite 120. Find them on facebook – Salt Cave Wellness Relaxation Center, visit saltcavend.com, or phone at 701.751.7258.