When Brent Voorhees moved to North Dakota after meeting his soul mate, he had no idea he would soon be immersed in the health and beauty industry, and he is now the owner of Athena’s Touch.

Athena’s Touch was originally created as a soap and candle label. Brent has taken it to a new level, developing and distributing products women need on a daily basis – skin care, makeup, accessories and more. And it is all because he is inspired by women.


Brent talked about some of the women who have inspired him: “First of all, my mom was a huge inspiration. She died from breast cancer after fighting it for three years. They are finding some of the things women are putting in and on their bodies could be causing some cancers, so that made me think about the ingredients in skin care, makeup and other similar products.

“Another inspiration is Mary Hawkins Butler, the mayor of Madison, Mississippi, where I’m from. She is currently serving her ninth four-year term. She is honest, she doesn’t back down from anybody and she does what is hard, not what is easy.

“And then, there is JillMari, my better half with an infectious smile, who owns Spa D’ Athena. She is, of course, concerned with the products she uses and wants to make sure the products used in the spa and salon are safe and actually perform as labeled.”


gf-active-serum-lrgWhen Brent started looking at skin care, he wanted something produced in the US that would really turn the clock back. He found AQ Skin Solutions (AQ).    “Dr. Ahmed Al-Qahtani developed his patented GF-Technology® while researching solutions for burn and wound care,” said Brent. “During his work in Growth Factors for healing and regenteration of wounded tissue, Al-Qahtani began looking at other applications.”

AQ, the highest quality Growth Factor media available, transforms skin cells to a younger state and fortifies the skin’s ability to repair including post-procedure skin. It also promotes longer, thicker eyelashes and eyebrows, helps restore hair follicle function – encouraging hair growth and aids in vaginal rejuvenation.

AQ has a full line of products that address each of these conditions, and women (and men) are experiencing fantastic results. It is available worldwide, and Athena’s Touch is now placing it with plastic surgeons, OBGYNs, dermatologists, hair specialists and estheticians in spas and salons across the United States and Canada. Dr. Al-Qahtiani is in line for a Nobel prize and will be visiting Bismarck this August on his book tour.

One way to see that the AQ products are working is to have a Visia® Complexion Analysis. Athena’s Touch will offer free consultations with the exclusive Visia® system which can provide 3D, surface, and subsurface images of the skin and lashes for informative evaluations of the skin and track the progress of treatments. The Visia® System is one of only two registered in North Dakota and Athena’s Touch will be part of a national study.

“We are also the distributor for Footlogix out of Canada,” said Brent. “They approached us to distribute their products and it is a good fit for Athena’s Touch. It is the only PEDICEUTICAL® product in the world. Dermal Infusion Technology ® is effective on fungus, calluses, cracked heals and rough and peeling skin on feet and is safe for Diabetics.”

Another new Athena’s Touch distribution line is a tinted, oil & chemical-free moisturizing sunscreen. It doesn’t leave a white residue, goes on smooth and has no odor. SOL defense active ingredients are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, strong, proven sun protection.

And, they just signed an exclusive agreement to distribute Éminence Organic Skin Care® in North and South Dakota as well.


Brent is especially proud of Athena’s Touch makeup line. It is North Dakota’s first and only makeup line, introduced in October 2013.

“We started looking at the makeup that was out there and most of it is just horrible for the face,” he said. “We worked with manufactures and chemists to develop the best ingredients for the German/Russian/Norwegian skin that is so prevalent in this part of the country. The makeup line is manufactured on the same line as MAC, so customers can be sure they are buying a quality product. We offer the line to the public at Spa D’ Athena and distribute it to professionals from Hollywood to Paris.”

Brent explained how important it is to have good, quality ingredients that don’t cause damage: “We started looking at the products that were out there and realized a lot of them can be harmful to women. Unfortunately there is not a lot of regulation in the salon and spa industry. For example, a product can say ‘gets rid of wrinkles’ and all it does is cause swelling. Of course the wrinkles are going to disappear! We wanted to create products that were safe, and beneficial.”

MESS1571 (2)LAnother Athena’s Touch product is Aeros Eyewear – North Dakota’s first line of eyewear, created for women. Brent was inspired to design some of the sunglasses after some of the specific personalities and styles of the women he works with. “They are painstakingly hand enhanced with genuine Swarovski Crystals in the United States,” he said. “Using an unsurpassed technique, one crystal at a time, we create our own unique designs on the latest frames. These are sunglasses* that will get you compliments wherever you go!”

There are Aeros readers that are available in fun designs, with cases to match. They are super-durable, designed with lenses that pop out to put your own prescription in. Both Aeros Eyewear lines are available locally at Spa D’ Athena and in spas, and eye care specialists nation wide.

Voorhees continues to look for products that will complement a woman’s lifestyle. One area of interest is Mesotherapy, an injectable, non-surgical cosmetic solution for cellulite, body contouring, neck rejuvenation and more. A topical alternative is under development and may soon be available. Another line he is looking into is sun free, dye free tanning solutions.

Athena’s Touch is continuing to grow, developing and distributing products inspired by women. They are expanding within the Athena’s Property building at 1500 Interchange Avenue in Bismarck, and there are employment opportunities, not only in North Dakota, but across the United States and Canada.


Visit athenastouch.com to learn more.

*Aeros sunglasses comply with US and European regulations and feature UV400 protection. Maximum UV400 protection blocks 100% UVA and UVB rays, FDA impact resistance lenses ANSI Z80.3 and European 89/686/EEC standards. Produced with quality nickel steel, designed in the USA. Each pair of Aeros sunglasses comes with a durable hard case.