Ever since I can remember my mom has had a picture of her on the wall in her room.  She was about 20 in this picture.  I remember looking at it as a child and thinking my mother was so beautiful.

_MG_5576I would just stare at it – almost as if to “soak” her in.  That image will be forever burned in my mind, and one day I hope to have that image in my home. I don’t know many moms that like to be in pictures, let alone have one framed and displayed proudly in their room.  But I strongly believe that moms SHOULD be photographed and be proudly displayed.

One day when our kids are older and all they have is memories and photographs to look back on, you want to make sure that there are plenty of images for them to hold on to.  So come on ladies – let’s get in front of that camera and help create memories that will impact you, your children and their children for years to come!

Here are some tips and tricks to help you look your best in front of the lens.

#1 – Always keep your body and your face at an angle. This helps slim you down and draws the attention to your better features.  When doing close ups, turn your head ever so slightly so that you aren’t facing straight on to the camera.  This will accentuate your jaw line and bring out your bone structure.

#2 – Show off your best features. If your eyes are your best feature, put a little extra eye makeup on to show off your beautiful eyes.  If your long hair is best – leave it down, curl it and let it flow in all its splendor!  Highlight the best parts of your body by wearing clothes that flatter.

#3 – Whomever is photographing should never shoot from below you. The camera should be slightly above you.  This is another “slimming” technique. A downwards angle will always be more flattering that someone shooting up at you.

Nicole Elliott owns Studio Elliott