by Dr. Mandy Jo Dietz

I hear a lot of reasons why people may or may not get adjusted. For me, getting adjusted means that I’m able to run after my almost two year old twin daughters. It means I’m sick less often, I can move without pain and sleep better, I’m medication free and I have more patience with my family. I also have better concentration, so I can keep up with coordinating five separate schedules and recover from those 5:30 am spin classes faster. Life is better and I can care for my patients better.
You might be wondering how chiropractic care can do all of this. How could getting your spine adjusted possibly affect your whole life? Simply by allowing your brain and body to communicate the way it is supposed to, by allowing your body to heal from the inside out and by giving you the advantage you need so you too, can have a healthier, happier life.

Some common misconceptions:

Spinal surgery prevents me from getting adjusted.
Your specific circumstances will determine if you can be adjusted in that specific area. Surgery doesn’t mean the rest of your spine can’t be adjusted. In fact, it’s actually more important to have your spine checked after surgery because it can increase your risk of degenerative diseases. A licensed chiropractor will be able to give you specific recommendations based on your medical history.

It didn’t work, so I won’t go back.
Getting adjusted once is like doing one sit up and expecting a six pack. If you’re having pain or a health problem, it’s probably been there a while, even if you just noticed it. Everyone heals differently, so your chiropractic care will be tailored to you. You don’t always have pain when your spine is misaligned, so you may need to get adjusted even after the pain is gone.

Once is enough.
Getting adjusted is like brushing your teeth, showering, going to the gym or eating healthy. You do it regularly because you know what will happen if you don’t. The only difference is that other people can tell if you stop brushing your teeth or bathing. If you stop getting your spine adjusted, people aren’t going to smell you, but your health will decline. A chiropractor can tell you how frequently you need to be adjusted.

I don’t want to get addicted.
Chiropractic care is not a luxury; it is essential to have a fully functioning nervous system. It’s even more important than being physically active, eating healthy foods, and sleeping. When our body knows the difference, it will always crave a higher level of health. We’re healthier and function better when we are doing things that are good for us, including chiropractic care.

I go to my regular doctor.
Great! While all primary health care physicians are licensed by a licensing board and required to pass national board examinations, they have different specialties. Only chiropractors evaluate the spine, identify subluxations and perform adjustments so the body can function at a higher level. It is a good idea to see both in order to fully identify any health concerns.

I’m too sick for chiropractic care to help.
When your body is experiencing various health problems, this is the most important time to get checked and adjusted. You will increase your ability to get better, faster. No health condition is too advanced to see improvement. Your body will thank you!

How does chiropractic care work?
The brain controls everything by sending messages down your spinal cord, through nerves going to every organ, muscle and cell and back again. We live every experience through this system – the nervous system.

Chiropractic care can play a large role in our health. Chiropractors evaluate the spine, determining if subluxations (misalignments) are present. Subluxations cause pressure on nerves, altering messages and creating miscommunication between the brain and body. Having a structural shift in the spine can lead to permanent damage in as little as two weeks. This damage leads to arthritis and degenerative disc and joint disease, which can all be prevented through chiropractic care.

Adjustments are performed, moving bones back into the correct position, removing pressure on nerves and allowing the brain and body to communicate again.

Because everyday stress can cause subluxations, it is important to get checked regularly to avoid preventable damage. Physical, chemical and emotional stresses play a very important role in our health and cause misalignments. Common stressors are accidents, repetitive movements, foods, drinks, chemicals, smoking, caffeine, sugar, alcohol, lack of sleep, finances, relationships, family dynamics and much more.

You don’t have to be sick to get better. Getting checked regularly corrects misalignments before permanent damage occurs.

Dr. Mandy Jo Dietz is a chiropractor with Life Expressions Family Chiropractic, 418 East Broadway, Suite 222, Bismarck. 701.223.8413.