If you have visited the Medcenter One Same Day Surgery Center, you may recognize Audrey Herman, or at least the sound of her voice. Her distinct voice and personality are a great combination that help make her patients comfortable.

“I try to put my patients at ease by making a connection,” she said. “I ask a lot of questions to see if there is any way we can give them better care. People like to be in control, but before they get here we tell them not to eat and not to drink. Then, the first thing we do when they get here is take their clothes!”

The entire staff works to create a fun atmosphere. The nurses station is always decked out in decorations for the season or holiday. On 11/11/11 at 11:11 am, Herman gathered everyone at the nurses station to sing the Star Spangled Banner. “It was just a moment we created,” she said. “I am lucky to be a part of such a great team.”

There may be times Herman should not be singing. “I like to sing country western songs sometimes,” she said. “During one song the gentleman I was taking care of turned to the other gal in the room and said. ‘She should sing solo. So low that I can’t hear her.’”

When someone does receive bad news after a procedure, Herman consoles them and simply tells them to write everything down. “You have to be a helicopter for your health,” she said. “You may have three different doctors, a lot of new terms, so much information…it helps to write it down.”

After 37 years, Herman continues to give quality care and make her patients feel comfortable.
“When I was in the eighth grade I told my mom, ‘I hope I can be a nurse’,” said Herman. “I am living the dream. To be this age and to have a job I love, I am truly blessed.”