by Pam Vukelic Whether you like them gooey or cakey, nutty or plain, frosted or dusted with powdered sugar, it is hard to resist a rich chocolate brownie. No doubt you have your favorite recipe, maybe the one you got from your mom or grandma, and you’ve been using it […]

Northern Plains Dance

by Deb Seminary Northern Plains Dance has come full circle. Formed as a dance school in 1998, Northern Plains Dance took a leap in 2001 and became a professional company. “In the summer of 2007, the board decided to turn the focus back to the school,” said Hollis Mackintosh, Director. […]

Roxane Romanick

by Beth Nodland Roxane Romanick brings a heart full of hope and head full of information to families facing the diagnosis of a child with a disability. In situations where the diagnosis is Down syndrome, she arrives with a warm smile and personal experience—her daughter Elizabeth has DS—her arms loaded […]