Yes, this issue is a bit late coming out. First, because the print shop is extremely busy and second because Lisa Bauman’s name was spelled wrong on the cover – not a good thing.

So, I admit the oversight and we are fixing it. Unfortunately, the magazine will not be ready for a couple more days, but it needs to be right.

Which brings up something else – there will always be something missed. A capital letter, punctuation mark…no matter how many times an article is proofed there will be some little thing that is overlooked. Why is that? It would be nice to have a proofer for the proofer!

But, something like spelling a person’s name wrong is unacceptable. So we’re fixing it. You’ll enjoy this issue – it’s all about Fitness. There are a lot of inspiring stories to hopefully jumpstart you into a new fitness plan for 2010.
~Be Inspired~