Our current cover story asked several people, “what is the best gift you’ve ever received?” Here are their responses:

The best gift I have received (so far) is from my daughter. The bracelet has a Mom charm (with a real diamond) on it and I wear it every day. D.

When I asked people, “What was the best gift you have ever received” some could answer immediately. Those replies were usually, ‘my grandchildren’, or ‘my son, my daughter, my kids’.

Others had to think about it for a while, but eventually almost everyone was able to come up with something. Some of these gifts can’t be bought in a store, some were received as a child. There are gifts that are long gone and gifts that continue to give.

My grandchildren S.

The car my Dad bought me H.

Now – it’s a smile on a kid’s face, but as a kid it was the ventriloquist doll I got B.

When my husband bought me the whole Friends DVD set for Christmas S.

My kids D.

The greatest gift I have ever received was time spent with my Dad. It didn’t matter if we were playing cards, eating, watching something on TV, or just sitting with each other talking. I learned so much from him and valued his opinion and honesty. I loved him with all my heart and miss him dearly. L.

A wife who understands her husband’s need for golf J.

My honest answer would be my 2 boys.. But materialistic…… COLD HARD CASH!!!!! J.

My best gift is good health for both me and my family, really! K.

The first thing I thought of was my sweet sixteen. My mom and dad gave me a ruby and diamond ring. Probably 10-15 yrs ago I had it made into a pendant for a necklace.
I remember the day well. I got to have a few friends spend the night at the lake.
We had a blast. I got the ring and the girls and I went out into the boat to swim and I lost my contact case in the lake.
I felt so bad because they had just given me this ring and I lost my contacts. $$$$$ S.

$100 gift card to Kohls J.

My grandma was my best friend, I told her everything and anything. She had 3 boys and no girls so I came along as her first (female) grandchild. She was thrilled, we were two peas in a pod and I would beg to go home with her when she came to visit. When I decided to pursue college in Minot, one of the reasons was so I could be closer to her…So when I found out I was pregnant she was actually the first person I told, yes, even before my husband! I knew immediately if it was a girl I would be naming her after my grandma. Sure enough 20 weeks later we were told the baby indeed was a girl. Once again my grandma was the first person I called.
About 3 hours before my daughter was born my grandma passed away. Before she passed away, she was on oxygen and unable to leave the house so she worked secretly with my mom to get these four little dresses for the new baby. My mom made numerous trips to the store to get just the right ones. A couple of days after my daughter was born, my mom brought out these dresses from my grandma. It was so very painful, but yet so absolutely wonderful at the same time. Those four dresses are my greatest gift. B.

I have received so many “greatest gifts” in my life. I have 2 that I would address.
The first is the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. The other would be my mom. She is the one who made sure we went to church every Sunday to make sure we knew who God and Jesus were. Our dad did not go to church because he was out drinking until the bars closed most Saturday nights and slept late Sunday mornings. He thought religion was for other people, not him.
Our mom did not drive until she was 32 so there were others who deserve credit as well, but I was too young to remember who they are. There were 9 of us kids. That would be a big deal on its own, but the real big deal is we went to church 22 miles away from my home town. She felt the need to bring us to this church because it was a church that used the bible as it’s only source of knowledge and taught what she called “the truth.”
For the past 5 years I have called my mom every morning to chat a little and wish her a good day (she is 73). I can’t imagine my life without her and her influence that still touches me to this day. She is truly my best gift. S.

I would say that one of the best gifts I have ever received, if not the best gift, is being allowed to sit on Dakota Zoo’s Board of Directors. It does much more for me, of course, than I do for the zoo/board, but I truly believe in the zoo and am so very fortunate to be a part of it. B.

My snowboard J.

The best gift I ever received was a puppy we got at Christmas when I was five. My parents worked hard to keep it a secret. The puppy came on the train from a kennel in Minnesota and was kept at a neighbor’s house until late Christmas Eve. I heard some noise downstairs that night so I started down the stairs to see what it was. Both of my parents met me at the door to the upstairs with, “What do you want?” I said, “Ahhhh. I want a glass of water.” My mother said, “I’ll get you one” and fetched me a glass while my dad stood watch. So I went back to bed. The next morning when we were opening presents my Dad brought a Norwegian Elkhound puppy into the room. He held her high above our heads because we were all grabbing for her. It was the best present ever. We called her Kola because she looked like a little Koala bear. B.

The greatest gift my parents gave me was my college education. They paid for everything.
Also, getting a pound puppy for Christmas back when I was 5. I wanted it so bad!!! G.

For my 18th birthday, my mother & father bought me a Gold Omega Watch. I had my eye on it for months. It had a delicate 18-carat gold simple clasp band. The detailed mesh band felt like velvet on my wrist. A beveled crystal protected the round gold watch face.It had to be wound daily, and it kept perfect time.
The watch cost $300 and that was a huge amount of money back in 1970, it still is to me.
Well, I still have this watch, I still wear this watch, and although I try not to love “things,” I love this watch. It still fits beautifully, looks like new, and keeps perfect time. My husband might be sad to know that it is my favorite piece of jewelry.
I recently had the watch appraised. The jeweler was thrilled to see such a beautiful timepiece.
The good news is that this watch is worth $2000. The better news is that, I will never sell it.
Every time I wear my special timepiece, I think of my mother & father – now that is priceless! D.

My Harley-Davidson G.

The greatest gift that was ever given to me was my mother’s love. She was kind, gentle, caring and funny. I have been without her for more years than I was with her. As I bring up my own daughter, I can now pass along some of that gift to her. K.

My wedding ring still takes my breath away! C.

My first answer was ‘salvation’. AND – – ‘a very special Aunt’ who was an amazing example and passed away this year. C.

My daughter L.

I have to say I have received a lot of great gifts from my husband. He goes all out for our anniversary – follows the theme for every year and goes above and beyond!
Just a couple examples….1st year is paper so he had our vows printed and framed (we made up our own vows). 2nd was cotton so he wrapped a cotton Bears t-shirt and planned a trip to a Bears game (I am a huge Bear fan).
For our last anniversary, 6th, the theme was iron and candy. So he bought me a commercial size candy machine, you actually have to put a quarter in it, he filled the 3 sides with candy and he put a gift in each slot where the candy comes out. Can’t wait to see what I get for year #7. J.

One of my fave gifts to get is a bookstore gift card, a Starbucks gift card and the time to use them (i.e. an offer to kidsit with said gift cards)! T.

Waking up in the morning J.

I grew up with 2 older brothers on a busy farm/ranch. There was little time for play for my brothers, as they were busy helping with all the work. When they did do something fun, it usually didn’t include their little sister. The one thing I longed for most was a sister. I remember combing through the ads in the newspaper one day, and noticed that babies were on sale for $8.99. The cutest one caught my eye, and I quickly pointed out this great bargain to my mother. Little did I know that the fair-haired, blue-eyed beauty didn’t come with the outfit!
By the time I reached my late grade school years, Mom and Dad were tired of hearing me beg for a sister, so they finally gave in! Well, sort of. The summer after 7th grade, Marisol Gutierrez from Orizaba, Vericruz, Mexico came to live with us. She was my age, and possessed as much vigor as I did. This made for a very interesting summer. In fact, she returned the following summer through the same program, and the third summer she came on her own just to visit. My parents and I also visited Marisol and her family in Mexico. I not only gained a friend, but I at last received the one gift I’d always longed for…a sister. B.

When I was about 6 or 7 years old I received a Bozo the clown ventriloquist doll from my grandparents for Christmas, I was convinced that my grandfather could really make it talk and that he was the only one who could. He never tired of my requests to make Bozo talk that Christmas, he would scoop me on his lap with that doll and we would laugh and laugh… J.

One of the greatest gifts I have ever received is that of my Mother’s
starting me in piano lessons when I was 6 years old. My first teacher
was Wilma Dorsey in Waxahachie, TX and I studied with her until I
graduated from high school. Even though I might not have known to
appreciate it at the time, this was the first step on this long pathway
of music that has in time made the gifts of friendship and magical
musical times just multiply! B.