Photos, photos, photos

It has been a busy week taking photos for the next issue. Yoga, fitness trainers, muscle class….can you tell it’s all about fitness? Plus, I had an absolute blast with the family of the Jan/Feb cover lady. You will love their photos! If you are planning a new fitness regime […]

The Fitness Issue

The January/February issue will deal with Fitness – Fitness vacations, getting the right gear, even adaptive yoga. Every year I see the YMCA get a lot busier the first few weeks in January. It doesn’t last long. The new people seem to disappear and it’s back to the ‘same old […]

The Best Gift

Our current cover story asked several people, “what is the best gift you’ve ever received?” Here are their responses: The best gift I have received (so far) is from my daughter. The bracelet has a Mom charm (with a real diamond) on it and I wear it every day. D. […]

Enjoy the harvest

Here is a great idea for next year – fresh vegetables straight off the farm delivered to your door, if that is what you choose! Baskets of Plenty by Pam Vukelic Winemakers call it “terroir” – the taste of the place from which the grapes come. I’m pretty sure that […]